Open your eyes and step into the phambulous world of Julie T. Pham


Hey, hey, hey!!! So, what would you like to know about me that I can publicly share here?

Hmm...did you know that I'm an actor who could write and have actually published a dozen or so articles for AsianBoston magazine? Oh, and I can also strike some poses for the camera as a model as I've done for Prevention magazine, Reed & Barton, and other various companies. I wasn't always this creative like being a producer for an indie film with StarFlower Media and playing a housewife on Tower Heist. Nope, I was a studious financial analyst for an up and coming hedge-fund; but eventually, the aspiring entertainer in me had to come out. So, I did the only thing imaginable - moved to New York City, graduated from William Esper Studio in their Mesiner conservatory program, joined SAG-AFTRA & AEA, and auditioned, auditioned, auditioned, and kept booking gigs to fulfill my creative soul. Ahh, so that's me in a nutshell!

If you want to know more...some of the awesome projects I've done included a CBS News – promo shoot directed by Glenn Schubert with InsomniaTV, Deloitte's Faux News Report - a parody online sketch about cyber attacks, and a live hosting event for Modern Sky Music Festival - interviewing and highlighting emerging musicians and bands from all over the world. More former noteworthy credits include: Mrs Huang on Tower Heist, directed by acclaimed director Brett Ratner and Tanya Nelson Wicked Attraction: Bad Fortune on Investigation Discovery.

Hosting experience with and emcee know-how with other live events. Created, produced, directed, and starred, in Internet show, The Daily Spam with Julie Pham. Also, co-produced, co-wrote, and co-starred in many other sketch comedy videos, live interviews and features at events and festivals for Just published a new article with AsianBoston magazine about "Looking for L.O.V.E in the Big Apple."

Besides acting, training, and auditioning regularly, my other escapades and travel (lots of foods from lots of different ethnic groups and countries)!!! And, oh yeah, like most working actors, I also have a "survival" job, but it's a pretty savvy one at as an Operations Director to enhance online property management communications & operational software across the globe. And for all humankind related activities - I promote awareness and do fundraising for Suffolk University (my alma mater), Save A Child's Heart, Team For Kids, and other non-profit groups. Also, in development are some self-written and co-produced web-series and a Young Adult book trilogy. Stay tuned or contact me for possible collaboration.

Namaste and let the light shine us towards peace and prosperity and a Trump-free nation!